BUNCH Magazine is a Guide For The Daring Creative.

We highlight influencers across creative communities, telling the story of risk takers who have merged their passions with their profession. The aim is to cultivate a like-minded collective, a place where readers are inspired and motivated.

BUNCH was founded in 2012, is independently published, and sold at bookstores, boutiques, and other magazine retailers internationally. We source contributors from around the globe to help tell our stories.

We stay in touch online with weekly web stories to satiate the creative needs of our readers.

To be a daring creative simply means you’re not afraid of your unique gift
and you’ll do anything to channel it into something greater than yourself.
— Asia David, Creative Director of BUNCH Magazine

Lizzy Okoro | Publisher + Editor-in-Chief

Asia David | Creative Director

Barbara Sueko McGuire | Features Editor

Corey Loftus | Sales Manager

Ieisha James | Copyediting

Casha Doemland | Editorial Intern