Company Name: STRUKTR Studios


Category: Creative Agency

Instagram: struktrstudios

Location: Los Angeles

How would you describe STRUKTR in one sentence: We're a content and communications studio that creates blog content and manages social media for architecture, design, and real estate clients.

What inspired you to start your business?

I'm a writer, I love telling great stories. It's a natural fit for architects, designers, preservationists, and people in real estate -- because our streets, neighborhoods, buildings, and homes already have wonderful, curious stories to tell. So all of us readers and consumers connect with architecture -- a lot more than we even realize.

What sets your business apart from others? In other words, what challenges/gaps are you addressing?

STRUKTR tells stories the way you, as a architect, designer, non-profit, etc. want it to be told. Our blog content, videos, press releases, and copy are smart, form an emotional connection, and are sometimes (often) a little irreverent. It's your unique story, with a writer's instinct. Plus all of our work fits within a greater story, never a vacuum. It's about context.

Are you launching anything new or exciting?

In April we threw a open-house and pop-up store with friends in Downtown LA's warehouse district. I'm continuing to write for, with a new article on how temporary, or pop-up architecture, became mainstream. We're also running fun promotions and partnerships with some specialty architecture and design magazines, jewelry designers, photographers, and others on Instagram. We're always doing something fun.

What's the best piece of business advice you've ever been given?

To be authentic. As a writer, I know that sometimes I worried about sharing what I really wanted to say, deep down. But telling the truth, even in the face of fear, criticism, always has one advantage--it has the benefit of being true.

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