Keeley Kraft

Name: Keeley McCarthy

Company Name: Keeley Kraft


Category: Creative Agency

Twitter: keeleykraft

Facebook: keeleykraft

Location: Los Angeles, CA, USA

What is Keeley Kraft in one sentence? Squarespace Website Building 2-Day Camp + Full-Service Websites

What inspired you to start your business?

After building a Squarespace website myself for a refurbished furniture company I was started that ultimately didn't work out (due in no part to the website or platform :), I found myself helping so many friends and family with questions they had about Squarespace for their own website. I realized people needed a cost-effective solution where they could figure out how to use the Squarespace platform but also not want to cry from boredom or struggle with frustration for days on end. It lead me to start a 2-Day Squarespace Camp -> Website Building Workshop where people could learn with other people, build their own site using the Squarespace platform in a fun, non-intimidating and non-overwhelming way, and develop an online presence that they can not only be proud of and but also drive meaningful business to their company. I liked the idea of a in-person class because it allows people to learn how to manage and maintain their website well after it's built which I feel is invaluable. However, I also build full websites for people that aren't the DIY-type either :).


What sets your business apart from others? In other words, what challenges/gaps are you addressing? 

I have an entrepreneurial background that is also colored with programming skills and an obsession with all things design. I know a lot about search engine optimization, business basics, marketing, branding, functionality, systems and more and I bring this knowledge into the workshops I teach and websites I build. Our workshop explains the Squarespace platform to attendees in relatable, relevant ways and are also fun while still being information-packed. We teach you skills that will be valuable to you for the duration that you have your website and help you to feel truly empowered when it comes to dealing with your own website - most people that have their website build for them, probably can't say the same.


Are you launching anything new or exciting?

We have new CAMP dates that have just been announced for May -> May 21st and 22nd in Downtown LA for our 2-Day Squarespace Camp/Website Building Workshop. We are also working on a new product offering that I don't want to say too much yet :) but it will make building a beautiful and unique website on Squarespace even easier! We're hoping to launch that in the next few months.


What's the best piece of business advice you've ever been given?

Don't get greedy. If you set your prices low enough that you are comfortable and don't try to take advantage, you will be in business for a long time. In other words, greedy in not sustainable.


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