We Love // Joseph Au



1. Sparks of Genius by Robert and Michele Root-Bernstein If you're creative in any way you need to read this book, it will chill change your perspective on creativity entirely. 2. Kapital Bolero Jacket Kapital is my favourite brand of which I own nothing of...yet! 3. Wired Basket from Old Faithful This would sit beautifully in any home. 4. Inspiration LA Vintage Clothing fair in Los Angeles, California. I've been going for the past two years and I anticipate attending in 2014. This show is a must if you are a collector of vintage clothing. The top dealers from across the United States and Japan gather yearly at this special event. 5. Link Wray Amazing album. This was released in 1971, it was a change in style from Link Wray's earlier work. It's an incredible blend of roots, gospel, and rock. Favourite track is Black River Swamp. 6. In-N-Out Burger There is nothing like flying straight to LAX and going straight to an In-n-Out. For me this is what I dream of on a daily basis.

Joseph Au is from the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia. Joseph enjoys creating art and mens 1930's & 40's vintage clothing. Last year he moved to New York to work, from there he has been transferred to his current city Hong Kong. You can learn more about Joseph's work here.

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