We Love // Ashley Tibbits

ashley tibbits

ashley-tibbits-we-love1. Astral Weeks by Van Morrison Possibly my favorite album of all times. Everything he did was amazing but this record is so improvisational and dreamy, it will always be a standard for me. 2. Building Block's Cable + Outlet bag The last time I bought a bag that wasn't from a flea market or vintage store was...I have no idea. This gorgeous, locally designed one would be so worth the splurge. 3. TopShop Purple Grape Bikini  I bought this retro style bikini a few months ago and haven't worn it yet. I love the way it looks like vintage Dolce & Gabbana! 4. Omega Juicer For making my own green juices to counteract not so green things. 5. Tai Pei by Tao Lin In my opinion, one of the most relevant books and authors in contemporary literature. A funny and depressingly accurate portrait of millennials. 6. Lush Buffy Body Butter When I use this scrub, my baby nephew's bottom has nothing on me.

We Love is a thoughtful selection of favorite items and lust-worthy goods chosen each month by a B U N C H contributor.