Tracing Steps // The Love Mob

The Love MobMustafa, Allison, and Preston make up the founders of The Love Mob - an organized collective dedicated to spreading love. As they often finish each others sentences they will be quoted collectively except where speaking on their own behalf.

1. Do you think there is any negative connotation placed around the word "Mob", what is the mentality of the Love Mob?

Just like there is organized crime there is organized love, we are changing that connotation. To put it simply, WE ARE ONE.

2. How big do you guys want this to mob to grow?

Global, limitless, we want a consciousness of 150 million.

3. Now that there is some recognition has there been any impact on how you live your day to day?

Mustafa: This is a lifestyle that I have always been conjuring, and part of the reason it was created.

4. When do you plan, how do you decide when/what to plan and when to leave things up to fate?

We are like water, we are like air flowing. Planning is the skeleton, heart beat, intuition is the plan. We feel it out and leave it up to the variable. There will always be factors we can't control but we improvise.

5. Mustafa, you have a daughter, are there lessons you have taken from The Love Mob and applied to parenting or vice versa?

Patience. Children are not yours, it is about guidance and not giving up on the idea of love. That is applied to both.

6. Allison, does it ever become apparent in a conscious place that you are the only woman?

I am glad I am analytical, I keep things from slipping through the cracks. It is more reflexive. I am also glad that one of the guys can be there to grab the mic and keep things moving while I am in the back greeting someone with a hug.

7. What are the roles each of you take on?

Allison: There isn't one thing each of us does or even one thing solely done by one person, but I do handle most of the graphic design and personal outreach, admin, and emails.

Preston: I would say advocacy is my biggest thing, when someone asks what I do or what I am up to I say "The Love Mob". It carries.

Mustafa: I'm into the nuts and bolts, structural development. I want to make sure everything we do is relevant to the overall mission.

8. What is the rapport like within the group after working with each other for several months?

We are in a beautiful dance. It is about vulnerability and opening up to other's ideas. Keeping a respectful space and respecting each other.

9. Do you guys have a group song or favorite food, something you all share?

A lot of people thing Earth, My Body is our song, but we didn't come up with it. It is ancient. We are all adamant juicers and health enthusiasts always eating to make the vessel as clear as possible.

10. How about a manifest or a document you guys check yourselves against?

We do not have set rules, but the question we always ask is, "What would Love do now?"

11. Do you see yourself spreading out or having other branches?

Yes, we collaborate and there are Love Mobs in San Diego, Oregon and New York.

12. When it comes to collaboration, how do you make those decisions or what do you tell people who want to start their own love mob?

We have to decipher what is taking and what is being served. We give guidance to the other branches, and we have some concepts and source material to pass on.

13. Have you guys had any challenges or adversity that you have had to overcome so far?

The space we had before the first BEAT fell through right before the event, but everything happens for a reason. There will always be haters, but if we are doing our job right they will become Love Mob members, and some have.

14. How would you describe a Love Mob event to someone that is not a part of the spiritual community?

Good vibes, good people, coming together to help people.

  Photograph by Angelo Kritikos.

Tracing Steps is a monthly interview series between BUNCH contributor Maceo Paisley and an evolving roster of intriguing individuals. Maceo Paisley's words appears courtesy of Citizens of Culture.