The Analog Project // The Incredibly True Adventures of Chelito


Analog Project David Pirrotta Chelito Part of the job at David Pirrotta Brand Management is maintaining relationships with stores and their owners, like Absolution and The Cosmetic Market in Nashville, but it's also about exploring and discovering cool little spots and building new relationships with great fashion stores like Ann MashburnStandard Style, Baldwin Denim and Imogene + Willie. And so it was that I set off for two weeks in the deep South...

Analog Project Analog Project

Analog Project



I have so many fond memories as a kid with a disposable camera. Trapping moments with a simple, snappy click and crackling turn of the thumb...the deliberate composing within that un-trustworthy viewfinder...the keen anticipation from drugstore film development.

Hours of open road, greenery and dotted lines can be meditative, but stops in between driving were where all the color and magic happened. The rainbow homes in the Arts District of Chattaooga, TN were a definite favorite. Every city has a neighborhood that speaks to my independent spirit and East Nashville was it. Good food, great spirits, gorgeous old homes, and genuine friendly folk. In Atlanta, I walked the childhood grounds of Martin Luther King, Jr. and visited the Ebenezar Baptist Church where he delivered his first sermon. The place resonated even more as the city was preparing to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the "I Have a Dream" speech. I was born in Jackson, Mississippi and drove around town hoping to find a sense of where I came from but instead found a cool, old drugstore sign when dining at Walker's Drive-In. Who knew the South had so many James Beard awarded spots!

I didn't notice when I took it, but the sign in the last image helps close out the series...

Photographs and words by Chelito Villaflor.

The Analog Project is an ongoing feature in which we provide a camera to an artist/s whose vision and expression we admire. We ask that they carry the camera along documenting their adventures. The result is a collection of images developed on film exclusively for BUNCH.