When photographer Mark Fitton introduced us to his photos, we were blown away. The richness and depth could only be attributed to the use of film so we had to have him for the latest installment of The Analog Project! The 21 year old who studies photography at Parsons, The New School for Design says that he, "uses photography as a means to communicate and engage with the people he photographs. Each image is a documentation of an interaction, a collaborative moment, and a shared performance." Mark set his sights on capturing his trip up to his native land of Massachusetts and we're taking you along for the ride!


Where did you travel to and why?

At the end of every summer, my friends and I travel to a small town called Chatham in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. It is always a way for us to get one  last vacation in before the new school semester starts. Since we are all artists, it is also the perfect time to think and create a small body of work.

What is the theme and/or story behind the photos?

There is always something very ominous about these small, historic suburban towns. At the surface, Chatham is a quiet, quaint place to vacation. However, I wanted to create a series of images that questioned its serenity, adding tension and drama to the space. The combination of images seems to be an investigation - a collection of evidence - which implies a larger narrative beyond what can only be seen in the photographs. 


What draws you to film photography?

I think there is something special about shooting in a dying medium. When I approach photography, I prefer to take my time delving into the process of making an image. When using film as opposed to digital, the process of photography slows you down as the photographer. It really teaches you to see in a more precise way and appreciate each image you make.


What was unique about the area that you traveled to?

I think the most difficult thing about living in New York is that there is hardly any open space. Going to Chatham, I am able to look at a landscape that stretches for miles without any obstruction. This sort of openness adds so much dimension to my photographs and helps me conceive images more clearly.


The Analog Project is an ongoing feature in which we provide a camera to an artist/s whose vision and expression we admire. We ask that they carry the camera along documenting their adventures. The result is a collection of images developed on film exclusively for BUNCH.

For more on Mark Fitton, check out his work here.