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Little Paper Planes Loren Crosier Little Paper Planes Loren Crosier

Name: Little Paper Planes

Established: 2004 was when the online shop launched and May 2013 is when the physical space opened in San Francisco.

How would you describe LPP? We are a space where the lines drawn between art and design blur. We are interested in objects with both craftsmanship and concept. The narrative of the artist, designer or maker is crucial and under our roof all those stories can exist. We also are more than a shop, but an organization that assists artists in their careers through print editions, publishing, curatorial and licensing projects. Since opening up the physical location, we opened LPP+ Residency in the back of the shop which functions as a rotating work space for a diverse group of artists, designers, collectives, and curators to engage with the public.

What is the typical LPP customer like? Since we are located on a busy street, we have all types of customers! Initially from our online shop, our customer was typically an artist or designer, someone who was looking for affordable art for their home or office or someone who wanted to start collecting work with a small budget.

Little Paper Planes Loren Crosier

What are some of your favorite local SF spots? Et Al Gallery, Press, Gravel and Gold, Craftsman and Wolves, Mission Cheese

What are you looking forward to this coming year?

We have most of next year booked with all of our residencies so there will be events every month with lots of new publications and print editions that we will be releasing! Our calendar of events is always located on our website. Two lines I am excited about bringing in are Osei-Duro and bags by Sara Barner.

Little Paper Planes Loren Crosier Little Paper Planes Loren Crosier

Little Paper Planes is located at 855 Valencia Street (between 19th and 20th) San Francisco, CA 94110

Photographs by Loren Crosier.