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Farmer's Daughter
Farmers Daughter

How did you two develop the idea for the hotel?

We were inspired by the name of the hotel and had fun weaving a visual story about who she was.

How would you describe the atmosphere you’ve created?

The FD exprience is: intimate, approachable, and authentic. We take pride in providing something slightly eclectic yet comfortable as an old shoe. There is a sense of humor in the air and a peacefulness of a small B&B or a friend's backyard. One can encounter small details that are meant to be discovered and to quietly delight- like a secret.

Farmers Daughter

What is the Farmer's Daughter guest like?

We have the joy of having a range of demographic of age and backgrounds, but most of them share a love of travel, a love the arts, and aren't pretentious. They are relaxed and don't mind a little privacy but are interested in their surroundings. Our big markets are NY, London, Japan, and Australia.

Farmers Daughter

What events are you most excited for this fall?

Halloween, the new programming that is unveiling this fall at the hotel, sweater season.

What are your favorite spots around the city?

Griffith Observatory, The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA, LAMIL Cafe in Silverlake, LA River bike trail, hidden stairs in Los Feliz hills, my front porch.


Photography by Shanna Fisher