Spotlight // pennybirdrabbit


pennybirdrabbit There’s something about music artist pennybirdrabbit that makes you immediately want to stick her in your pocket. It could be her Peter Pan charm, her infectious energy, or her schoolgirl crush on Gordon Ramsay. Or it could be magic. When it comes to this neon-haired pixie and her captivatingly beautiful voice, anything is possible. That Penny is extremely talented is obvious, but her lack of ego—her genuine humble nature—makes you want to be not just a fan, but also a friend. Her music, as a true extension of herself, is equally enchanting.

On February 11, she fittingly released her latest EP, “For Love,” which is about both the good and the bad that comes along with sharing your heart with another person. We recently sat down with Penny before she began moving full speed ahead on her next album and another more personal and special arrival. Read on for the full scoop.

How would you describe your music to someone who’s never heard it? You know, I’m not sure that I would really try to explain it. I think the way that I hear my music is different than the way other people do. I hear the story behind it, and that story is personal and doesn’t matter to anyone but me. I think the way people hear music is through however they can connect to it. I couldn’t really even begin to guess how that is.

When did you know you wanted to become a music artist? I think I sort of always knew. I’ve always been making something. My whole life I’ve been making. I was a pretty dramatically imaginative child. I wrote a lot of poems and stories and expressed myself as much as I could in everyway possible. I was always standing on the fireplace singing to my family or my stuffed animals. It just clicked one day as a teenager that I could live my whole life making things, and I never looked back.


What or who inspires you creatively? My immediate world¬, you know—all the people I surround myself with, the relationships I have with them, the highs and lows of life. I’m incredibly sensitive to life, and I let things affect me, which can be good creatively, but also draining.

What would you say is your biggest challenge? Trying to make a living doing it I think. There are so many unbelievably talented people in this world and the fight is so real. But it’s the most worth it to see people respond and connect to what you’ve created.

What are you listening to right now? EMBRZ! A friend of mine sent me a link to this remix and I’ve become obsessed with this artist, which is such a nice feeling, because I haven’t had it in so long it seems. He’s pure magic.

You’re going to be a mom! How excited are you? Oh my goodness, it doesn’t even seem real. I look down at my belly and I can’t believe there’s a tiny bunny growing inside. It’s the coolest thing that’s ever happened to me. I hope she comes out with elf ears.


How do you think being a mom will change your music, if at all? You know, it’s nice because my music isn’t aggressive in the tiniest bit. Creating music calms me, so I feel lucky for that. It definitely has given me more to be inspired by and I’m curious moving forward with the LP how that will influence me. I’ve gone into my career with the thought that if I can’t show my mom or my grandma something I’ve made then it isn’t worth making in the first place. So I don’t think being a momma will really change anything.

You’re at the Grammy’s. You just won Album of the Year. What would you say? MOM LOOK!

Photographs by Carlos Quinteros Jr. Words by Barbara Sueko McGuire