Spotlight // Lorenzo Diggins Jr.

Lorenzo Diggins Jr #allthingsessential

Lorenzo Diggins Jr - The Essential Man It’s funny how certain pieces in our wardrobe stand the test of time. They become reliable favorites, personal classics, while the garments of outgrown trends or poorly tailored bargain buys are brought to Goodwill by the bagful. What is the magic in these perennial standby pieces that keeps us adorned, feeling more like ourselves with each wear?

Los Angeles based men’s designer Lorenzo Diggins Jr. thought about this and answered with his brand, The Essential Man. What started as a men’s lifestyle blog evolved into his signature brand that prides itself on minimal design, perfect tailoring, and an unwavering attention to the subtlest detail. Oh, and it’s made and crafted in Los Angeles. Form meets function meets locally made.

We sat down with Lorenzo for coffee and a chat about all things essential.

What’s something most people don’t know about you?

I always say that I’m social by default, but I’m really more of an introvert. The larger the crowd, the less I talk and that whole way of thinking goes into my design--I’m not trying to take over the fashion industry by storm; just a few good products at a time.

Oh! And I love the shower. All of my best ideas hit me in the shower. If I remember the idea after I’m done, I know it’s a good one.

What’s one of your favorite pieces in your collection?

One of my innovations is the TEM pocket square. Lots of guys hassle with folding the standard size pocket square because it’s too large to fold quickly and neatly. I designed a standard 7” by 7” square for ease of folding. It features a print fabric and contrasting chambray so it’s a two-in-one and handmade. It’s all about functionality,maximizing use.

What are you working on next?

I just released my first accessory collection and now I’m developing shirting. The dilemma right now is creating the perfect fit. Shirts generally fit me easily, but I want it to be universal. I’m anticipating a small shirting collection by December.

The Essential Man Tee

How would you define your style?

Very minimal with a strong attention to detail. The things I put the most attention on are easily overlooked--for example, stitching, placement (or removal) of the logo, alignment, and symmetry.

What is your number one essential piece? I’m going to go with my notebook. I would die if I lost it. My whole life is in there. I write everything down. I literally operate my life through pen and paper. I’m very tech savvy, but some things are better left the way they are.

Lorenzo Diggins Jr - The Essential Man

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photographs by Carlos Quinteros Jr. at Shelter Half in Los Angeles. words by Christi Thompson.