BUNCH Magazine is proud to be the media partner to Blue Fox Productions' newest play,     Sole Addiction. Sole Addiction is a coming of age story of four friends on the quest for an exclusive pair of sneakers all while exploring the intersection of sneaker culture, race, class, and the pursuit of dreaming big.

Tickets available at for the Los Angeles show, running October 1-3rd.

Gary Oldman once said, "Wanting to be a good actor is not good enough. You must want to be a great actor. You just have to have that." Kevin Palafox is striving for greatness. The LA based actor immerses himself in his craft daily: studying film, listening to talks from the legends, attending intensive acting courses. He's not well studied for the bragging rights but because of a deep seeded desire to better himself and more importantly, to express himself through his art on a consistent basis. His love for acting found him by accident after an accident that left him on bed rest with a severe knee injury. While watching movies and learning more about acting he decided to try his hand and found that his affinity for acting would evolve into a career. A class assignment for an acting course developed into a small play about the intersection of sneaker culture with big acclaim and caught the attention of major sponsors. Six years later Kevin has brought back the play for a limited run in Los Angeles this October.

Find out why Kevin Palafox is a Daring Creative.

In a few sentences, please tell us about yourself:

I really like being happy. I’m happy when I’m doing what I love. What I love is acting and film-making.


When did you decide to pursue your current career path?

Unofficially since I was able to watch a movie and actually relate and feel the emotions going on in films. Apparently as a child I watched ET and I started to cry because I didn’t want him to die (spoiler alert). According to my mom I was about 3 or 4 when this happened. Movies have always been an important part of my life. I would (Still do) get lost on different planets, discover rare artifacts with Indiana Jones or solve a murder mystery with Morgan Freeman. In the back of my head I was always in aw of great films and the stories they told. But even more so were the people playing these amazing roles. 

I wasn’t bold enough until about 7 years ago to pursue acting as an actual career. Early into studying I knew I had to create my own content because everyday I would hear so many no’s so I wanted to create my own yes. I was given an opportunity to write a play because of one of closets friends put the word out about a project that I wrote. We put Sole Addiction on as a small run and since then I was able to perform others plays and fall into more film and television acting. I knew acting and creating was what I wanted to pursue and succeed at. I wanted to play the tough guy, lover or villain. Being a creative allows me to do all of these things. 

How did you go from idea to execution?

It’s as easy as getting your butt up and heading to a workshop, audition or sitting in front of your computer and writing a short story (or feature). You never know what will inspire you or who you’ll meet. It’s also very hard to execute if you allow negative thoughts or doubt to creep in. For myself I’ve learned that it is simply about taking the first step.

With any project you need to start the project yourself but right afterward you need a good team. I wrote a short story then I told myself, “Hey, you can write dialogue. If David Mamet or Martin Scorsese can do it then so can I. It’s not that hard”. Of course practice makes perfect but I created content and once you do this people will take notice. It may not be a big time agent or producer. It may just be your neighbor but they noticed and this person may want to help progress your vision. Your vision may inspire another person and you won’t even know it. 


How does Los Angeles influence your creativity?

Currently I live in LA but I am also heavily influenced by the Bay Area (Northern California) and also New York. I spend as much time as I can in these places. All these cities are filled with so many different cultures and energies. So many experiences have crafted each place. I can step outside and learn something new every day. I can also find like-minded individuals who are about their hustle and together we can grow.


In your words, what does it mean to be a “creative”?

Sharing yourself and being brave enough to allow others to experience who you are through your work. Being a creative is being honest and taking risks. 

Has rejection ever affected your creative process?

Yes and no. At this point in my life I’m used to being rejected but I don’t look at rejection the same way that I used to. Rejection is such a strong word. I replace the word rejection with, ‘not right now but maybe tomorrow’. Not everyone is going to agree with your vision. I’ve been on both ends of the audition process and also on the writing side. People may not have understood my idea or they couldn’t relate. Most of the time rejection doesn’t mean you suck. Rejection means that perhaps you were too tall, too short, not ethnic looking enough, too ethnic or maybe the project got more funding and they wanted to go with bigger names. None of these ‘rejections’ ever talk about my talent. My talent comes from hard work and being bold enough to stand in front of someone and say to them, ‘here I am. I’m here to win’. It’s all about being able to edit yourself and your work.


In thinking about the things that you have created, is there something that you hated but the public may have loved - and perhaps purchased?

I’m my own worst critic. I always feel that something could have been better. I always love what I create then I’ll hate it 5 minutes later. If someone enjoys my work and can relate then that’s what matters to me.


What advice would you give to someone who wanted to pursue the same career as you?

Have fun. Read books, plays and scripts, travel and meet people. Experience life because life will inspire a character. Life will give you your next great story. Life will make you well rounded so you have more to draw from. The other piece of advice is to start something and follow through. Keep it at one project at a time. It will pay off. It will get hard but stick through it and it will pay off somehow.

What has been the pit and peak of your week so far? (a low and a high moment)

Pit: Lack of social consciousness going on in our society.

Peak: I feel we’re in the process of trying to figure each other out.


Who is someone famous that you think is killing it at the moment? In other words, is there someone whose career you admire.

So many people are killing the game. Tough question. I’m really enjoying the works of Cary Fukunaga. I am a huge fan of Sin Nombre and he did his thing with the first season of True Detective. As an actor I really dig Tom Hardy. Great work and he seems to challenge himself as an actor and person. Of course Spike Lee is always at the top of my list.


Finish this sentence:


I want people to remember me as: someone who took action.


If I only had 24 more hours to live, I would: Tell those I care about that I love them. Then hop on a plane to Mexico with my girlfriend and stand in the center of The Zócalo. Watch people walk by and take it all in.


If I had to choose a theme song to represent me it would be: At the moment it has to be   Kendrick Lamar - Alright


For more on Sole Addiction and to purchase tickets, go to the website here.

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