Pop music these days has changed, for the better. At it's core, pop is still syrupy sweet and upbeat but the lyrics and the emotion have grown up a bit. Chords and melodies make you feel like the adult that you are, all while twisting in the nostalgia of youthful optimism, or teenage heartbreak that we all sympathize with. Singer-songwriter, Gossling, is the perfect example of the new pop star, no longer clad in school girl outfits doing choreography down a hallway, but rather a truly talented and inspiring woman who is expressing herself through long lasting music.

We spoke to Gossling to learn more about being a Daring Creative.

When did you decide to pursue your current career path? 

When I was 20 I came across Damien Rice's record 'O'. It was a complete eye opener for me. I hadn't been affected by someone's songwriting so strongly before. I made the decision then to be a songwriter. 


How does the city you live in influence your creativity? 

I live in Melbourne, Australia, which is a city with a really strong music scene. There are so many venues and opportunities to see live original music in Melbourne. It's a fantastic city to live in and be creative.


In your words, what does it mean to be a “creative”? 

I think it means being a broad thinker and being able to see the world a little differently. 


What is the biggest misconception about what you do? 

That because it's fun, it's easy work. A lot of people don't realize how unglamorous touring life can be. A lot of people who only travel for holidays think that touring life is one big holiday. It is a dream job, but still has its challenges. 

What do you do to get through your day? 

If I'm touring it's important to pace myself and rest my voice. I take vitamins and drink plenty of water to keep away any bugs that I might pick up while traveling. 

What has been the pit and peak of your week so far? (a low and a high moment) 

My peak was finding out a new season of 'Girls' has started. My pit was coming home late last night and finding out the last piece of chocolate cake, that I had been thinking of the whole drive home, had been eaten.  

Who is someone famous that you think is killing it at the moment? In other words, is there someone whose career you admire. 

I really admire the steps Taylor Swift has taken in her career lately.  From taking her music off streaming sites to the generosity and connection she has with her fans. I think she is a super talented songwriter who has made some brave calls. 

Finish this sentence...

Happiness is: any time spent with friends and family. 

My biggest frustration is: usually when trying to open a pasta sauce jar. 

I couldn’t live without my: laptop. Especially on the road. 

For more on Gossling and her music, check her out here.

Photos by Shanna Fisher.

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