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Sometimes you just need an injection of goodness in your life. You need to get lost in a sea of pretty things, or to nosh on some comfort food, or to read an inspiring story to get through your day. Imagine if you could have all of the above and more in one fell swoop? In a nutshell, that is what the new website, Clementine Daily, has managed to accomplished. When I happened upon it, I was immediately enraptured by this place of positivity which is the brainchild of Fort Wayne, Indiana based designer, Erin Loechner. You may be familiar with her other mega popular baby, Design for Mankind, but this time, she is focused on merging a little bit of girl power with a healthy dose of kick ass design.

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What is your professional background?

Oh, I'm a professional quitter of corporate jobs, actually. I've been an executive assistant, fashion show producer, ad agency copywriter, art director, all of it. I've moved around quite a bit, trying on lots of hats and throwing them in the air when I find they just don't quite fit. You know, the life's too short thing. I finally settled into my sweet spot when launching as a creative outlet that quickly turned into much more. I've since launched and, so I suppose my official job title is something like Professional Emailer, Trouble Shooter, People Manager, Story Teller (my favorite part), Photo Editor, Sales Director, Accountant and Executive Editor.
In your own words, what is Clementine Daily and what inspired you to create the site?
This post explains it well, but it was really a perfect storm of serendipitous events. I was feeling itchy and unsettled about the state of the Internet's push to feature airbrushed versions of real lives. There's a fine line between aspirational and inspirational and I wanted to tip the scale a bit to the inspiration side, focusing on bettering our lives to better each other, but still acknowledging that life can be hard and sticky and full of truth.
How do you go about finding the women you profile?

I always keep my ears and eyes open for women who live their lives for others, who take great strides to maintain kindness and goodness and self-control, but who still admit their faults and continually embrace what makes them perfectly imperfect humans. People just like me, I suppose. I'm a magnet for people like me.

At the same time, I love profiling women who are so far different from me - I have an upcoming interview with an astronaut in the works, and my mind is just blown by this incredible person's outlook and perspective on life (quite literally, actually!).

What type of experience do you want readers to have when they are at Clementine Daily?
Oh, I want them to experience everything: hope and joy and peace and love, but also the understanding that they're not alone during the tricky parts of life. That they're on the right track, and to keep searching for beauty and trust and kindness. It's right here. It always has been.
What is the next step for you and the Clementine Daily team?

Time will tell! I'm a big fan of organic growth, so we're just really focused on bettering our content and becoming a great resource for the women around us. The rest will fall into place for sure.

Check out Clementine Daily for a dose of inspiration.

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Photography by Ken Loechner. Words by Lizzy Okoro.