We always start off by asking the people that we feature to tell us a little bit about themselves and we're always captivated by their answers. When we read musician, Bianca Di Cesare's bio, we knew that rather than write an intro about her, we should let her speak for herself: 

I’m a very cheerful girl with sudden moments of dramatic melancholy. I call it being passionate but some could think I’m crazy. I’m a gullible dreamer. By gullible I mean that I believe in words. I rely on them. I build everything on them, and then suffer when I don’t see those possibilities come true. I have strong ambitions but I also have a very grounded and sort of skeptical approach on life. I believe in friendship, and in the strength of love. I love relationships that don’t get too sticky because as an artist I value alone time very much. I was raised in three languages and this makes me very social and interested in frequenting international environments. Music is my life!

Find out why Bianca Di Cesare is a Daring Creative and while you're here, check out her latest music video.

When did you decide to pursue your current career path? 

A year ago I dropped all other professional activities (fashion) to pursue music, even though I’ve been jamming and composing since I was 17.

How does the city you live in influence your creativity?

Los Angeles gives me the space and the freedom necessary to create. I’m surrounded by creative individuals on a daily basis. Part of that is I chose to live in Echo Park where I found many like minded people who share similar values. It is a place where creatives have the freedom to be themselves. The Southern California sunshine, the positive attitude also helps me believe that anything is possible.

In your words, what does it mean to be a “creative”?

Creative means having an original idea, and turning it into something tangible. Either it be sound or form, or concept. It's like giving birth. You develop something inside, and then pull it out, and you keep feeding it with your knowledge, and learn as you see it grow. 

Has rejection ever affected your creative process?

Yes, I've been rejected by a producer I really cared about. He was my mentor, and it destroyed me. I couldn’t write or sing, I felt like maybe I wasn’t good enough. But then I came up with lyrics in that moment of anger, and beautiful songs just started pouring out. I also broke the co-dependence by taking a lot of guitar lessons, and realized I could go solo.

Like in a movie, that same person heard my work, and wanted to work with me again. I took that as a big compliment. I appreciated him more, and I also understood that what producers really want is too see you have a clear idea of what you want to say. You’re their guide, not the other way around as is traditionally assumed. You reject them before they reject you, by rejecting yourself. It’s a relationship with your own heart through another person. 

In thinking about the things that you have created, is there something that you hated but the public may have loved - and perhaps purchased? 

I never created anything I hated. I love every phase of my wild, eclectic musical choices.

What has been the pit and peak of your week so far? (a low and a high moment)

A high moment was when I found out I would be performing at What The Festival in Oregon, a low was when I got bronchitis while recording the last track of my EP. Totally spooked me about being able to make it to the launch on May 11th at Hotel Café in Los Angeles.

Who is someone famous that you think is killing it at the moment? In other words, is there someone whose career you admire.

I truly admire Ibeyi, the twin sisters that I started following way before they got big.  I thank the blogger from Once Was Now for always discovering talents before they get big and passing on links to me when she comes across geniuses like this.

Finish this sentence:

I want people to remember me as: A loving person with tons of compassion and integrity, someone you can rely on. A keeper, a guardian angel - someone with whom you would want to create.

If I only had 24 more hours to live, I would do: everything possible to reach some Italian Island in the Mediterranean Sea, dive in and have a last meal overlooking the ocean. Possibly linguine with fresh clams and a glass of white wine.

If I had to choose a theme song to represent me it would be: "It's Oh So Quiet" by Bjork. [Because of] My mood swings, my madness, my passion for dancing.

For more music, more videos and more Bianca Di Cesare, check out her website.

Photos by the always awesome Shanna Fisher.

Hair + Makeup by the lovely Melissa Christine.

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