Sneak Peek // Autoctona

autoctona Skylar Counter autoctona Skylar Counter

autoctona skylar counter autoctona Skylar Counter

autoctona Skylar Counter autoctona Skylar Counter autoctona Skylar Counter

The word “amulet” may conjure up ideas of sorcery and magic spells, but the term —which has roots in ancient history — in fact simply refers to an object designed to protect its owner. This concept is one of the cornerstones for Portland-based jewelry/accessories line Autoctona. The brand’s moniker translates to “native” which seems apt considering how much influence comes from lead designer Alessandra Murgia’s experience growing up on the island of Sardinia, a place rich in culture, symbolism, and folklore. But what makes Autoctona’s designs so unique is that the wealth of inspirations has been incorporated in such a modern and masterfully minimal way. The company values function as much as form and takes an artisanal approach to craftsmanship, using just a handful of skilled technicians. Recently, Alessandra invited Bunch over to take a look at their 2014 collection, which boasts some new materials (nero marquina and calacatta marbles and black walnut) alongside some of their hallmark ones (bronze, sterling silver, and nylon dyed with natural ingredients) and new takes on their classic styles that highlight geometry and androgyny.

Autoctona sells through select retailers and to private clientele. Please visit for more information.

Photography by Skylar Counter. Words by Ashley Tibbits.