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1. Gaga for this throw cover // 2. Prepping for summer with these “Days of Summer” engraved pencils. // 3. Let’s Get It the shower :P // 4. Tequila Lime Spritzer in time for Cinco de Mayo // 5. The Beautified app is saving us, one beauty service at a time // 6. LA is getting Goop’d. Like for real… // 7. Loving this giveaway from Clementine Daily x Kaufmann Mercantile // 8. The proceed from the Wanderlust Found box from Noavi goes to support an amazing cause // 9. Digging Shaniqwa Jarvis’ video portraits // 10. The best street art of 2014 thus far. // 11. The power of piercings. Yep, they’re magical. // 12. The Time Issue spotted at Urban Outfitters’ Space Ninety8 #therestareComingSoon