1. Complex quotes turned into minimalist artwork. // 2. Kendrick Lamar’s newest album: masterpiece is an understatement. // 3. What do a VW bus and a cuban sandwich have in common? // 4. These acrylic paintings are real people. You read that right. //5. If you haven’t seen It Follows, then see it. // 6. Beth Storck makes the list, see why. // 7. Katie Lowes of Scandal gives a home tour. And the only scandalous thing is how jealous we are of her pad. // 8. If you didn’t know the 90s were back before, now you know. Thanks Chloe, Liv, and Proenza Schouler. 9. Calling all creative entrepreneurs. Join us.

ROUNDUP is a weekly collection of our top 9 favorite internet finds, always keeping Creatives in mind. We include must have items from unique designers, articles to inspire, events we're into, videos to watch, music to jam to, and so much more. We got you covered.



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