A special holiday guide for the Conscious Creative. The last in an installment, to see the first two, check our guides for the Extroverted Creative and the Minimalist Creative.

1.Cuffs, the good kind. And take 25% off with code HOLIDAY while you’re at it. // 2. Obakki water bottle for the win. // 3. The Herbivore Botanical Oil trio is a skincare triple threat. // 4. Della travel bags sourced from Ghana // 5. State backpack, get one and they give one to a child in need. // 6. Abundance in art by Mister Michelle. // 7. Your teeth deserve a lil bamboo. // 8. Prospector Co. has got your boy covered. // 9. MCMC natural perfume is now in a neat little gift set. // 10. Sustainably designed silk top so you can go into the New Year right. // 11. A notebook that saves lives too. // 12. J. Cole’s Forest Hills Drive album will have your wheels spinning.