1.Are you one of the few people who haven’t seen Mr. West’s fashion show? Welcome to Yeezy World. // 2. We can’t ignore the fact that it’s V-day tomorrow, so here’s a list of inexpensive treats for your sweetie. // 3. Killer eco-design by Bellta Studios // 4. We only have eyes for Chrissy Tiegen’s insta recipes. // 5. How to properly taste wine. // 6. Trevor Spaulding’s cartoons for The New Yorker are so spot on (and we need him to be our BFF). // 7. Sally Benedict's art needs to be hanging on your wall. // 8. We love Ventura Spirits for a million reasons but here’s 2: they sponsored our Issue 04 release party and they distill vodka out of strawberry wine. // 9. 9. Speaking of our party, see more here!

ROUNDUP is a weekly collection of our top 9 favorite internet finds, always keeping Creatives in mind. We include must have items from unique designers, articles to inspire, events we're into, videos to watch, music to jam to, and so much more. We got you covered.



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