1. You’ve never had a hat until you have a Janessa Leone hat. // 2. Nakeya Brown’s series on Black Hair is breathtaking. // 3. About Elly is a must see. // 4. If you haven’t heard of Joshua Sanders shoes, allow us to introduce you // 5. Free food photography class on Skillshare // 6. This song by Torres is our jam. // 7. Elizabeth Olsen on nudity. // 8. This duffle has “buy me and take me around the world” written all over it. // 9. We post a lot of good stuff. Don't believe us?

ROUNDUP is a weekly collection of our top 9 favorite internet finds, always keeping Creatives in mind. We include must have items from unique designers, articles to inspire, events we're into, videos to watch, music to jam to, and so much more. We got you covered



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