Our holiday gift guide is back! Up first, gifts for the busy, on-the-go creative. You know the type: jetting from Portland to Paris on a photo assignment, too busy to take a moment for themselves. See what we've rounded up for them!

Check back next week for our Gift Guide for the Minimalist Creative.

1. We can’t get enough of backpacks, but let’s face it: it can be hard to stay stylish with the gradeschool accessory. That is until Shinola made a backpack. //2. Let’s not sacrifice style just because we’re always on the go. Frends headphones make sure you’re good to go. // 3. If you’re a creative then Austin Kleon is your bae. Stay motivated with this journal no matter where you are in life. // 4. Long gone are the days of crappy cocktails on the plane. Be a grown up, get the Carry On Cocktail kit. Now there’s one for champagne with small batch elderflower syrup! // 5. A unisex all weather coat that’s actually stylish? ALL THE YESES! // 6. Don’t forget the toiletries! TSA approved sized bottles of your favorite Grown Alchemist products. // 7. When you’re on the go takeout becomes your best friend. Let’s bring cooking back with Munchery. // 8. Take a bath already! We don’t mean it like that, it’s just that you deserve more than a quick shower. Indulge once in a while with this bath detox. //9. Creatives need reading material. We’ve got your back.



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