Events // Yotel Hotel Brunch x DJ Roxy Cottontail


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A blur of sequins and a lavish mane whipping back and forth. Oiled legs collapsing into the splits next to an awed onlooker. A contortionist hula hooping beside a tarot card reader. Balloon animals over a breakfast of bottomless sangria and General Tso's popcorn chicken. All a typical Sunday at the Yotel Hotel's brunch crafted by DJ Roxy Cottontail alongside her partners Errickson Wilcox and Ian Sklarsky.

We New Yorkers are known for rousing out of our Sunday slump for a good dose of unlimited booze and breakfast, but brunch gets a serious upgrade here. The food is impeccable: sliders, truffle fries, and candied applewood smoked bacon are limitless as are the carafes of champagne Mimosas and Bloody Marys. Communal tables are smack dab in the center of a full on experience. DJs like AndrewAndrew and Ms. Cottontail herself thump out bass heavy medleys to partygoers who ain't afraid to ditch their meals to hit the dancefloor. The music only concedes to the Queens (all hail!) who sashay between diners to lip synch for their lives and put on the performance of a lifetime.

Don't blame us if you find yourself at the Yotel every week!

Photographs by Kevin Palafox Words by Lizzy Okoro.