We can all agree it is practically law that Sunday’s are meant for brunch! And when we tell you BUNCH likes to brunch well, we mean it. A few weeks ago we had the pleasure of joining Intermission LA for the launch of their brunch series. Created by Traci Goldstine to bring together corporate businesses and creative entrepreneurs only sets the tone of the amount of intentionality behind this brunch series.

Understanding that there is a major disconnect between corporate and the new creative class, and how we can ultimately be beneficial to the success of each other, she thought the best way to solve this issue was through bringing both world together through amazing food, bottomless mimosas and board games on an easy Sunday morning…and man was she right.

This opening brunch was at the Spears restaurant that is housed at the bottom of the Standard hotel in Downtown Los Angeles. Complete with outdoor and indoor seating, one of the best omelets I’ve tasted in a long time, and a belly full of mimosas, makes what would normally be an awkward networking event, into a loud laughing, fun conversation having, cheers’ing with new friends type of morning.

Lucky for you, this event will be put on monthly at a differently restaurant. Get your tickets for the next one here.

To keep up with their series follow @intermissionla  and maybe we’ll see you at the next one.


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