Sara Kerens

A blogger and fashion stylist living in New York, Brynn Elliott Watkins is a work of art with her chestnut hair and  her heels clinging to the sidewalk while she looks down at her phone checking her email. From her early ambition to be a fashion writer, she lives in the city that she dreamed of and has succeeded at doing what she said she would do from an early age. From her Vanity Fair recognition for Best Dressed to her blog, Being Elliott, Brynn is as fashion-ating as she is fashionable and has subsequently caught the attention of a worldwide audience.  From interning at Harper's Bazaar, contributing to magazines, working on a film with her husband and always looking for more creatives to connect with, she is a woman building an empire and we're happy to watch her journey.

Sara Kerens

How has the New York atmosphere inspired you?

Living in New York is a busy life filled with an interesting energy from the city, which makes it an enriching adventure. Becoming a stylist and blogger gives me the opportunity to have days where I work outside for fashion shoots from 5am to 12am, trying to get the perfect shots, or times where I stay at home blogging or working on personal projects. I believe New York is where everything happens--connections happen. It’s also a melting pot of of culture, it has an edge and it's very beneficial for bloggers, writers or creatives because of the massive amount of opportunity.

How did you begin your career in fashion?

My blog started in 2010 but what inspired me to start one was when I went to my first fashion week. What inspired me the most were the runways. At that moment I was flooded with inspiration and during that time I remember people telling me I should start my own blog. My boyfriend then, husband now, also helped. He urged me to start one and reluctantly I did. It was being able to be in an atmosphere where so many creative minds come together, [that] inspired me to use mine and make something happen.

During your teenage years, did you have any idea what you wanted to be?

It was funny because I always had the inherent desire to end up in New York since a very early age. I grew up in a little town in Illinois and literally the population was 5,000. I don’t know where it came from, the desire to live in New York, since I didn’t actually visit until my college years, but all I knew was I wanted to end up in fashion and writing. Being able to see New York for the first time in college, felt like somewhere I belonged.

I ended up attending Lipscomb University in Nashville, Tennessee to major in Journalism. Going into college, I was set on becoming something in the fashion and writing field. My first internships were for Harper's Bazaar and Interview Magazine.

Sara Kerens

What do you believe sparks your own creativity?

Pinterest. What can I say, it’s interesting! I like being able to be on my phone and flipping through it trying to find key elements to take back into my own life. Currently my husband and I are in the process of redecorating our apartment in Brooklyn so it’s a super easy way to be inspired and incorporate the ideas we see.

What part of 2014 would you say took your breath away the most, in regards to accomplishments?

My husband is a director and producer who owns his own film company called We Are Films. We got to work together on a documentary that is coming out this year, he did cinematography for the film and I styled it. Working with Aaron is always fun and rewarding for me, it was definitely the best part of my 2014.

What are your goals for 2015 and how do you hope to achieve them?

I want to continue the blog, Being Elliott, and plan to be more diligent, and to post more often. I also want to include a shop portion which I am anticipating a release of this year. And of course I want to continue to collaborate with creatives and keep branching out; it's important to surround myself with people who uplift me.

Sara Kerens

Photographs bySara Kerens.

Words byMegan Duenas.