Bird's Eye On Style // April 2013

High-wasted flowing florals, nurturing pastels, wispy hair and silhouettes, your high school denim, and your more carefree attitude about making out with boys at BBQs. There are too many spring trends, the later included, to count! Take a peek at some of my favorite looks spotted around Manhattan this delightful season. I'm honored that the gals at BUNCH have asked me to contribute my favorite looks for the month! If you want to get even more inspired, put these on the record player all sprung long:  
Bob_Dylan-The_Freewheelin_-Frontal The Strokes - Comedown Machine
Sinkane - Mars Tropicalia - A Brazilian Revolution in Sound



Not only do daffodils abound Tompkins Square Park in the East Village, but they abound the plethora of 80s flower prints I've seen in all of my favorite second-hand, vintage shops. A flower-print mini or jumper is a must this season.


Dylan in Denim  

I found Bob Dylan in denim, and she is effortless, assertive, and extremely fun to hang out with on the weekends.


Chiffon Skirt  

Nothing more casually beautiful than watching a chiffon skirt billow in the subway wind as the L train approaches. She is on her way to brunch in the boyfriend's backyard.


Lobster Shack  

What's the perfect Sunday hang, you ask? Put on your best patterned sheers from Cloak & Dagger, call your best OKC match, and post in front of the Lobster Shack with a couple rolls, 20 oz bottles, and bask. Perhaps repeat the following week with same guy and go for Caracas empanadas instead.

Bird's Eye on Style is a monthly guest fashion feature by NY based artist Chiara Angelicola. Chiara shares her favorite looks of the month and the people she spots with style to envy. All words and photographs by Chiara Angelicola.