A Visit With // Unearthen

Gia Bahm of Unearthen

Unearthen Workspace

Gia Bahm of Unearthen Gia Bahm of Unearthen

Gia Bahm Unearthen

Unearthen Work Table Gia Bahm Unearthen studio
Jars of Crystals working

Gia Bahm in the studio

On an unassuming street in downtown Los Angeles you'll find Gia Bahm's creative space where her wondrous jewelery line Unearthen comes to life. Each Unearthen piece is precious from the moment of its conception to its final evolution, and the studio provides Gia the opportunity to explore all the intricacies of that process.

Scattered with metal trinkets, various crystals in all shapes and sizes, and filled with beautiful light the studio is inviting and has an absolutely lovely energy that also radiates through Gia herself.

Photographs by Natalie Neal.