When we first met Jaclyn Giuliano of Popover, she was the perfect reflection of her website: full of light and grace, delicate yet sharp and focused, with a beautiful spirit encouraging you to be your best self. Popover is a personal lifestyle blog that reads more like a magazine and now employs a growing network of contributors and business owners.  Jaclyn describes it as, "a location to find interesting people, places, and products" which makes reference to the e-commerce element that allows readers to buy unique finds that are exclusive to Popover. Additionally, Popover is producing roundtable events in which attendees to can discuss business principles over a brunch menu developed by Giuliano herself. Our Editor in Chief, Lizzy Okoro, was a guest speaker at the inaugural event which you can read about more here.

To learn more about why Jaclyn Giuliano is a Daring Creative, continue reading below.  

When did you decide to pursue your current career path?

The truth is that I also have a full time job in the design industry so Popover is where I get to build a lifestyle company that is inspired by design, but still different from what I do during the day. I had run my own blog for a few years until I realized that I wanted it to mature and turn into something more dynamic. I’ve always been inspired by connecting with other people, especially while entertaining, so I found a way to recruit writers to share their stories on Popover. That way each story had a conversational feel and came from multiple points of view. The in person gatherings, Instagram takeovers, and Popover Shop grew organically from there. They all felt like natural next steps to take to make Popover more wholesome.


How did you go from idea to execution?

Since I have a background in fine arts and graphic design I knew how I wanted Popover to look and feel when I first launched the website. Now when I approach a new article or gathering I already have a pretty good understanding of how it will need to look to stay on brand. For an article, I come up with a good way to market Popover to a prospective writer, then I put myself out there and contact them. The biggest thing is having something to deliver if/when they respond back. Since I know where I want the brand to be I try to be as direct as possible when suggesting a collaboration idea. I’ve found it never hurts to ask for what you really want. The gatherings form in a similar way. I’ll develop the idea and then find the right people to make the event come to life. It’s all about reaching out to those you admire, which is why I love working with BUNCH!


How does the city you live in influence your creativity?

I am constantly inspired by people’s personal style and interior design. In LA we’re lucky to have both. I’m definitely one of those people snapping photos of the interior of a great new restaurant and trying to spy on someone waiting in line at a coffee shop. I find that being around those things inspires me to write about a new topic or test out a new graphic design style. It even creeps into the interior design of my own home and pushes me to try more eclectic looks.

In your words, what does it mean to be a “creative”?

Being creative means trying something in a new way. I’m a big advocate of breaking the mold, whether it is professionally or in personal life. If everyone just did the same thing we did 10 years ago we wouldn’t be surrounded by all of this talent today.


What do you consider to be your biggest achievement to date?

Starting the Popover Shop was a big personal achievement. It really made the company feel tangible like I had successfully promoted Popover, connected with an artisan, and then collaborated to make a product you could only buy in our online store.


How do you deal with critics?

I don’t think I have, or ever will find a good way to let criticism roll off my back! You can have a great day and it’s that one comment that ruins it all. However, I have learned to stay focused on what I want, so in that sense I’m not even focusing on something bad someone might be saying about me or Popover. By doing that, the advocates become more important.

What do you do to get through your day?

I start the day early! By 5:30am I’m up and already going through emails, checking my calendar, and going through my to-do list. Since I have a full time job I’ve learned to make each segment of the day productive. That way when I can focus on Popover I feel like I’m making the best use of my time.


What advice would you give to someone who wanted to pursue the same career as you?

I would say to never underestimate the power of good people skills. Someone will immediately notice how you speak and present yourself. When you’re trying to promote your business and your personal brand to a client, they want to know that you are trustworthy and reliable. I’ve learned a lot from my full time job and other sales roles and have used that confidence when marketing Popover. Even in a purely creative roll you still need to be able to manage others.


Do you have any advice about creating the best possible work environment?

Make sure you’re comfortable and surrounded by work tools you love. Have you been coveting that gold stapler? Then add it to your desk if it’s really going to liven the space. Ideally though working around others is the best method. Collaboration is the best way to spark new ideas so even if you have a home office, take a break and work at a co-working space or a coffee shop. You never know what conversations might start when you’re out in public.


Is there something happening in your career that you are looking forward to? Any exciting projects on the horizon?

I’m excited to start working with people who want to join the Popover team. I’ve been talking to people who will hopefully become event planners, photographers, and writers for Popover so it’s exciting to feel like that possibility is right around the corner. Also, I’m starting a series of round-table discussions that will allow guests to engage with a speaker, start a dialogue, and learn something new. I’ve been hosting casual gatherings for the past year so the round-table series will be a different way to connect people and grow the Popover community.

Finish this sentence:


I feel most powerful when: I’ve reached out to someone I admire or want to work with, proposed a way to collaborate, and then watch it come to life.


My biggest frustration is: Finding enough time to work professionally, manage a lifestyle start up, and still have time to just disconnect and watch TV...is that bad?


I couldn’t live without my: iPhone, yes it is cliche, but I am constantly emailing, texting, or Instagramming so I need all of those at my fingertips. I’m pretty sure if I didn’t have my calendar updated on there I would miss every meeting.

For more on Jaclyn and Popover, visit her website here: popover.me

Photos courtesy of One Love Photography

Location: The Moon And Co.

Brunch Menus by: Pigment and Parchment