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Los Angeles: A place home to opulence and prominence, from the Hollywood strip embedded with tourist from around the world, taking pictures with their new Canon Rebel T3i and the constant selling of “Star Maps” to get a personal look at the people who make more in a day than we do in a  lifetime, what’s left to say is that Hollywood and the surrounding affluent area, is home to the few and visited by the many. But what many forget is what and who lives in the outskirts, the streets, the alleys, the shops, the houses surrounding this city embedded with as much prestige as attention. What lacks indefinite attention is the housing of
creative community that lingers in the depths of the smoke from the exhaust and the over use of spray tan and conditioner. Los Angeles stands as the hotbed of creativity, inspiration and diversity, and anyone introduced to the world seen by the few, are introduced to the many who want to help along the journey's of one another striving to achieve their dreams as well.


There’s no surprise in such a diverse place, in ethnicity and talent, you would come across Jennifer Puno and Eva Goicochea, founders of ILOVECREATIVES. Whether they’re goofing off with funny photos or exploring their talents of photography and design, they are constantly making their ideas into reality and helping others achieve there’s. With Puno’s talents of linguistics and operation and Eva’s experience of branding and elevating target audience’s attention, what’s more to say then these two are a perfect pair for co-creators.


Meeting at Unique Camp in June 2013, Puno and Eva clicked, and realized through their discussions together as well as the people they met, that many young people are quitting their 9 to 5 occupations and pursuing their own ventures. The problem that many faced was getting the network they needed. At that moment, an idea struck, having a place where creatives of all kinds could melt into a community- oriented atmosphere where makers, artists and creators could be connected when in need of internships, collaborations, jobs, planning, creating, connections etc. 


ILOVECREATIVES is fast, easy and simple, just like the ads any interested member could acquire. With 100 characters to describe yourself, what you offer and what you’re looking for, with an optional profile photo, getting your interest or services can reach the right audience in a click.  Instead of asking friends to get the word around or relying on social networks and follower counts, Puno and Eva created a site that taps into a vast amount of people, but stays in the relativity of a certain goal. 



"We want our users to expand

on the things they accomplished,

what they want to accomplish,

who they want to meet

and so forth.” 

When asked what the future plans of growth for the company is, Puno explains, “We are beginning a new series in the company of doing in-depth interviews with the creative community of members. Our goal is to help start conversations with people without actually meeting them, but conveying the messages of what you’re looking for and what you can offer and most importantly what you want to do next in your future all in one. We want our users to expand on the things they accomplished, what they want to accomplish, who they want to meet and so forth.” 

She goes on to say, “We also strive to expand beyond Los Angeles, we’ve been talking about Portland and New York and the world abroad. But the way I see it is we want to build our goals as we go. I think that’s what I experienced from working in big companies, is that everything is planned out, there’s no room for mistakes or trying new things. My advice is just go for whatever idea you have in mind. Build momentum, don’t over think anything. Have confidence in your goals, and surround yourself with people who want to see you grow. That’s the freedom of getting older, you realize that it’s entirely up to you who you want to be apart of your life, and once you realize that, will everything else will come. To succeed in this world, one must be passionate about what they’re doing, because hard work pays off.”*

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