Issue 07 // Design Issue

Issue 07 // Design Issue

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What does the word design mean when discussing creatives and their careers? We explore the answer throughout this issue with interviews from some of the top creatives.

Issue Highlights:

  • Chat with designer/stylist and cover star Ruthie Lindsey on emerging from pain and hardship to build her career.
  • Audrey Bellis was left with six figures of debt and $100 to her name. She turned her business wish into a business plan.
  • Meet 5 design industry leaders and learn how they're approaching their careers with purpose and intention.
  • Tuesday Bassen + HLZBLZ founder Miss Lawn get real about going from obscurity to success.
  • LA Juice founder Kiel Pollit touches on how to launch a standout business in a competitive market.
  • The Do's and Don'ts of starting a business with a friend.

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